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All the Way Around | Thirsty Bike

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How long is the trip?

The trip, from Augusta, Georgia all the way to  Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, will be about 16,000 miles.  That’s a long way!

Where will you sleep?

I will be sleeping in a Clark Jungle Hammock at night.  We will also be meeting up with people through the Couch Surfing network for places to stay and to meet up with local artist and musicians to promote their work.  And sometimes a hotel or hostel.

How fuel efficient are the hybrid bikes?

The bikes will get anywhere from 150 to 200 mpg, depending on riding conditions.  That means that gas to go 1000 miles will cost around $20, based on the US national average!

How fast do the bikes go?

The bikes will be geared to cruise most efficiently at 30mph but they have the ability to go about 38mph (that range is saved for when quick maneuvers are needed)

Won’t your butts get sore?

Yes, very sore.

Are there really people in the world who don’t have clean water?

Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and this leads to the 98,000 deaths a week worldwide. Check out our Clean Water Facts page for more info.

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  1. April Wilson says:

    Will, thanks for letting me know about this! Good luck guys! If you have an e-mail list, please add me to it so I know when to start checking your website for updates on your travels!

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