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All the Way Around | Thirsty Bike

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- Help people in developing countries gain access to clean drinking water by raising money for Water Missions International  as well as by traveling to some of  Water Mission’s remote project sites in Latin America using video and photography to share their efforts and results with the rest of the world

-Inspire people to go out and follow their dreams, even if they are unconventional

- Raise awareness about cheap, efficient, alternate means of transportation

- Expose people to new cultures in different ways than have typically been done by shooting HD video

- And of course, we want to explore the world and meet new people

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer Spencer says:

    Will!!! What You are doing is amazing!! Keep up the hard and great work!! Let’s kayak when you are to celebrate!!!

  2. jackie parks says:

    I admire your courage for living your dreams. I believe that you cannot fail while living the dreams that maybe only you can see! You wll never be remembered for the things that you wish you had done. Good luck and travel safely

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