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Red Stick (Baton Rouge)

Felt like a giant on little Brittni's bike

Leaving New Orleans was certainly a mixed bag of emotions but by the time I was packing to go, I was more than ready to leave.  The road from New Orleans to Baton Rouge was an interesting one.  It was a hard city to navigate on a bike because the interstate cut off a large percentage of roads when moving between Carrollton/uptown and the ninth ward.   Lots of backtracking trying to find ways to cross the interstate.  Trying to leave NOLA was also difficult due to roads being cut off by waterways.  I think it took me almost two hours to navigate the maze  from the ninth ward to the Airline highway that headed NW.

I thoroughly  enjoyed it though.  I was loving my new four stroke engine.  It meant I spent much less time mixing two stroke fuel every time I wanted to fill up my reserves and it meant being much quieter and a modulation to a much less annoying and whiny frequency exhaust.  I can’t even see anything exit the exhaust.  Much cleaner and I feel better about that.  I hadn’t figured out how to run my big 6 liter fuel tank to my engine because of a different type of carburetor on my new engine that was gravity feed.  I only had my 32oz tank on top of the engine so I had to stop to fill it a few times.

I started having chain issues about an hour outside of Baton Rouge and was greatly delayed getting to my host, Brittni’s house.  By the time I got there, I was soaked, cold, and ass kicked from a long hard day but it was all good because I walked into a house full of some much needed pancake therapy.   Future pancake experiences will most likely be dwarfed by the timing and good nature of these pancakes.  All I’m saying is, they where good pancakes.


I had a great time with my sweet host, Brittni.  It was right before Valentine’s day and she and her boyfriend bought each other bikes as V day presents.  She was in the middle of setting her’s up when I arrived.  I helped her do some fine tuning on the derailleur’s and brakes. It’s always nice to be able to help a host out.

After a few fun days of music, travel and life talks and getting a lot of work done it was time to transfer across town to my next host, Andy.  Andy was a really cool guy and very sharp as well.  I pretty much walked into my first Bikram yoga class right after I got to his house.  It was a great start to a great week hanging with him, his girlfriend Alyssa, and their friends.


I ended up breaking a spoke on a trailer wheel on the way out of town for Lafayette and by the time I got it fixed, decided to stay another night.  I left the next day and the road to Lafayette significantly changed the next 6 months of my life.



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