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All the Way Around | Thirsty Bike

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some days seem longer than others out here

If I had to use one word to describe the journey thus far, it would be “whirlwind.”  900 something miles to get from Augusta, Ga to Pensacola, Fl.  Circuitous would certainly be the one word to describe my route.  Whenever I’m asked “how long will it take you?” My response is “9 months” but always with a give or take stipulation because I don’t want it to be a race but really, I’ve felt the most satisfied moving forward, laying down rubber, making miles, rushing for the Mexican border.  A fear of running out of the money I’ve managed to scrape together over the past four years is one reason but mainly, the appeal of the unknown, of foreign lands, of foreign people, and foreign languages draws me on.  Of course, I will be the foreigner and these things are only foreign to me and my perspective.

I’ve had some great experiences with people so far.  I was taken in by a wonderful couple in McIntyre, Ga, I had a guy pull up when I was on the side of the road in Fl and invite me back to his house where I got my first shower in a week, his wife cooked me breakfast, and he did my laundry.  Traveling always teaches me that the world isn’t actually going crazy and most people are just really nice and willing to help out.

I’m currently being hosted by an awesome guy named Dan in Pensacola, Fl.  We’ve had a lot of fun, playing beach volleyball, seeing the sites and while the rest and chance to catch up on correspondence and go through my gear has been nice and needed, it’s time to keep heading west.  Who knows what the road has in store for me up ahead and what strange places I will sleep next?  Only one way to find out and that is to keep heading west…

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