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All the Way Around | Thirsty Bike

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Finally rolling forward!

rolling forward

After  four years, lots of work, no social life, two knee surgeries, 6 months on crutches lots of money and lots of failed starts, Thirsty Bike is finally rolling forward.  And south.  The beginning has been plagued with mechanical problems but nothing that some road side mechanical work, grease and some busted knuckles hasn’t been able to fix. And some help from my folks.  And new tires. And a few new trailer wheels. The trailers have taught me to not trust the manufacturer but oh well, lesson learned.  Every day, packing and unpacking goes a little smoother.  Not a “lot a little” but a “little little” if you know what I mean. Slept by fields of cotton and wheat, behind churches, and in the carport of a really nice couple in McIntyre, Ga.  Spent a lot of time back tracking from small town to small town in middle and south Georgia, trying to find parts for Matt’s bike.  The whole thing has been really hard but I knew what I signed up for.  If I wanted glamorous, I would have been neurosurgeon .

I love traveling the back roads.  People are much nicer outside of the city.  Even the drivers are a lot nicer.  The bikes generate a lot of attention wherever we go.  Drivers smile and wave and when we stop, we get lots of questions.  Some times when they ask where we are going, I say Argentina but they look confused so I say Texas and then it clicks that we are going a long distance.  Someone even asked how I was going to get across the ocean!  I think I’m going to start carrying a little waterproof map to point to


Sleeping in the hammocks has felt incredible luxurious and warm.  It’s like having a safe cocoon wherever we go.  Clark Jungle Hammocks where a great choice.

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