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Rough road testing and new expedition partners!

will by river with bike

We performed some dirt and gravel road testing on one of the motor bikes on Sunday and it performed beautifully.  It maintained great traction at it’s top rate of speed through some very rough terrain.  The purpose of the test was to simulate roads that we will encounter in Central and South America.  Thanks to Alison for the great photos!

We are also very proud to have Greubel’s MMA and Viking Cycle Works on as expedition partners.

Greubel’s MMA is one of the top MMA schools in the country, pulling from the experience of some of the best kickboxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo fighters in the country and the world.  Mark Greubel was the 2009 Head Coach for US Kickboxing Team and Chris Elms is a black belt in Judo under the USJA as well as a Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu under Gracie.

Viking Cycle Works is a division of Berry Collage Student Enterprises and specializes in refurbishing bicycles for rental on campus.

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