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Works in progress


Hey everyone,

Here is an update to our progress on the project.

First, I built a new motorized bicycle with a friction drive and a generic 49cc two stroke engine.   The friction drive works by having a drive roller (think BMX foot peg) coming straight off of the engine and turning the tire directly.

I put it on my road bike, an old Peugeot bicycle that has given me many miles already.

Also, I am moving from the planning and design stage to the development stage with our trailer and solar recharge system.  These first designs are only prototypes for the final builds.

For the trailer prototype, I am designing a kayak trailer using an old aluminum walker and crutches I got from a thrift store.

I tested the strength of the walker in it’s potentially weakest position and it held very strong.

For the solar recharge system I will be wiring six solar cells that are higher voltage in series and 4 solar cells that are higher amperage in parallel to equal about 12.1 volts and 3.2 amps, run through a 12 volt charge controller and then to two Li Ion laptop batteries to be recharged.  I will be using this recharge system for a high powered lighting system and an audio system on one of the bikes.

For the final builds, the recharge systems will be mainly for the audio and video recording devices as well as the laptop we will be bringing.

Also, our video specialist Alex just moved back to Augusta from Portland so we will have a lot more video content soon.

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